Happy New Year

The Birch Hill groomers have been working overtime during the last few days of December and on New Year’s Day. Over a foot of new snow fell within 24 hours followed by intense winds that toppled trees and brought down lots of debris. Two of the groomers have been sick but still spent long hours clearing and grooming trails that we enjoyed on New Year’s Day. (Thank you, Bill and Ken!)

However, these groomers (using snowmachines and drags) created SCUM traps when they sneezed and created snow pits in the trails as seen below:




Some SCUM are pretty effective snow mashers. After the skiers shown below finished skiing the White Bear, the Piston Bully corduroy was fairly torn up with deep ruts (cut especially deep with someone’s left ski).


More snow is predicted this week, so our New Year’s Day scars will be soon buried and smoothed.

Make sure you make your trails fund donation.


Happy New Year!