Mat-Su Icicle Double

For those Sonot Kkaazoot skiers who have a day (or night) job in addition to training, the holidays are a great opportunity to ramp up the skiing volume. However, variety is important, and challenging yourself on new trails keeps skiing fun.

Here’s an option to consider after skiing your age in kilometers on 26 December: drive down to Hatcher Pass, and ski the Mat-Su Icicle Double, 2.5 to 30 km classical on Saturday, 28 December followed by 2.5 to 30 km freestyle on Sunday, 29 December. With five different distances both days, your entire family could participate. Kids who are 13 years old or younger can enter free if one of their parents skis, too. All participants get a t-shirt, but if you finish the 30 km ski both days, you’ll get a pint-size beverage glass with the Mat-Su Icicle Double logo. There’s no mention of what beverage they’ll supply at the finish to utilize your new pint-size glass.

Here’s the link to the event information:

or contact Dave Musgrave for further details at:

This would be a fun way to close out 2013 on a high note.

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