Sonot Kkaazoot: Chena River update

Although the current 7-day forecast isn’t optimal for training for the Sonot Kkaazoot, it is optimal for setting up the traditional Sonot Kkaazoot course that has skiers skiing 20 km on the Chena River.

Capture_Weather forecast

Yesterday, Bad Bob Baker spent 5 hours dragging and grooming the entire Chena River section of the Sonot Kkaazoot to “race width.” The thick new blanket of snow has now been compressed and mixed with unfrozen areas so hopefully things will freeze back up thicker and firmer than before. So, keep your fingers crossed that a week of consistent cold will allow the 2015 Sonot Kkaazoot to be held on our traditional course with the Chena River start and finish. Stay tuned!

Also on Monday, groomers Tom Helmers, Bill Husby, and Ken Coe assisted by Bad Bob cleared brush near the 20 km turnaround and along the ditch from the river to the Fort Wainwright alpine hill. It’s up to Mother Nature now.

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