Mission Accomplished!

Twelve hardy volunteers put in just over 30+ combined hours of backbreaking shoveling to make nice snow paths under four bridges that the Sonot will pass under. Anyone who feels left out of the fun can grab their sleds and shovels to add more snow over the next several days.
CAUTION: The trail under  Ft. Wainwright vehicle bridge is well marked with stakes. DO NOT go outside them. The ice is missing or very thin, and the water is deep and swift. Wednesday night’s volunteers hauled snow from as far away as 200 – 300 meters from this potentially dangerous area. Again, DO NOT GO OUTSIDE MARKING STAKES.
Wednesday Night’s Awesome Dozen were: Dermot Cole, Steve Smith, Bill Chedister, Bruce Jamieson, Chris Puchner, Owen Hanley, Mike Ruckhaus, Steve Clautice, Caleb Richardson, Mike Kramer, Donovan Granger and Bill Husby.

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