Updates from the Sonot Kkaazoot course from trail crew

As of 7 a.m Saturday, the Kilometers signs are out, and we are still planning to have the Sonot on the river.

At 4:30 p.m. Friday, the Fort Wainwright (FWW) alpine hill melted so rapidly that a very large and fast RIVER of water came gushing down the slope taking most of the SONOT course out with it. Bad Bob and Jeff, the Fort Wainwright groomer, watched this phenomenon take place. Jeff said that he would reroute around it and put the SONOT course up and down the bunny hill. There is some water at the base of the hill but skiers should be able to ski around or through it.

Update from Tom Helmers, head groomer for the Nordic Ski Club of Fairbanks (NSCF) at 4:00 a.m. Saturday. Creek on FWW down hill is still flowing, The cat tail pond as you leave ski area parking lot has some water in it but not a problem yet. There is water at top of Sonot Connector just below road half way across trail, at gate pretty wet all the way to white bear.  Was 29 deg at base of hill and 36 here at the stadium,  heading out for second lap on WB.

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