Winter Solstice Ski at Birch Hill

On the Sunday closest to the winter solstice, the SCUM welcomed some of our wayward skiers back to celebrate the holidays in Nordic skiing nirvana. The days are so short near the winter solstice that the skies are especially beautiful. Here are the SCUM at the Sonot Connector intersection on the White Bear at high noon.

SCUM on winter solstice really sm

In Moilanen Meadows, Dermot noticed extra flex in his ski.

Extra skate ski flex sm

Not to be outdone, Robert demonstrated the great cornering skills that he learned from   Nick Crawford’s clinic last Sunday:

IMG_1409_cornering skills taught by NC

Back in the stadium, we launched sky lanterns to Russ and Lars, who left us a little over a year ago.

Poles launching air lantern sm

We then retreated to the warming hut to enjoy some coffee and sweets to end the shortest Sunday of the year.

Happy Holidays from the SCUM (organizers of the Sonot Kkaazoot)!Happy Holidays from the SCUM sm

Photo of Robert’s snow angel by Bill Husby; photo of SCUM and tree by Barbara Schuhmann.

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