Perfect ski conditions at -23 deg F on Southside Classic trails

Although the inversion today was rather shallow so temperatures hovered between -23 and  -25 deg F, the sun was out on the Blackhawk and Chinook trails and the tracks were fresh and firm. With our ample snow pack, trail conditions were the best we’ve seen this early in the season for years.bob-on-chinook


Glide was good, kick was adequate on all the uphills, and the switchback corners were slow enough that even SCUM could stay upright on their skis.

The 30th annual Sonot Kkaazoot is just 2 months away. The cold temperatures have made for solid river ice and our snow pack is setting up nicely. Make the commitment now to the ski the 2017 Sonot Kkaazoot while entry fees are the lowest. See the “Register” page at the top of this site.

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