NSCF Skiers at Masters World Cup

The Travel Team SCUM are in Klosters, Switzerland for the 2017 Masters World Cup starting Saturday. NSCF President Bruce Jamieson will start off by skiing 15 km freestyle while Chris Puchner and Owen Hanley ski 15 km CL. Bad Bob Baker, being a young pup, will be skiing 30 km CL.

Here’s the URL to check for results:


Hopefully, we will get some photographs of our Sonot Kkaazoot volunteers in action.

Meanwhile for Fairbanks skiers not heading to Anchorage this weekend for full course Tour of Anchorage, this is what’s in store for us, temperature wise:


So, no red glide or kick wax will needed for a week or two.

However, we have plenty of snow so spring skiing will be great and hopefully, last for well into April and maybe May!

Donate to the trail fund:



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