Fairbanks World Masters skiers ski 15 and 30 km classical race today

Cold weather and abundant new snow likely contributed to today’s small field in the Buetow Dental-Pangaea Health Distance Race #2, but the absence of Fairbanks skiers participating in Masters World Cup in Minneapolis was evident, too.

Masters World Cup Nordic Ski Races at Theodore Wirth Park on 20 January 2018

Bad Bob Baker--Photo from World Masters Site


Bad Bob Baker (wearing his Sonot Kkaazoot hat) at 25.5 km mark–Photo by Sharon Baker

Bob Baker, today placed 20th in the 30 km classical race for the M6 age category with a time of 1:46.35.8.

Chris Puchner (wearing SCUM hat) in 15 km CL race– Photo by Sharon Baker

Chris Puchner was 33rd with a time of 56:07.8 in the M7 age category that skied a 15 km classical race.


Owen Hanley in 15 km classical race–Photo by Sharon Baker

Owen Hanley was 20th in the M9 class with a time of 58.49.9 for his 15 km classical event. Temperatures were almost 40 deg warmer than Birch Hill today.

Congratulations to all of you!

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