World Masters 7.5 km CL Results

At World Masters today in the 7.5 km CL events, Nordic Ski Club of Fairbanks skiers were challenged by windy conditions in early stages of a snow storm that added leaf matter to their sticky kick wax

Bob Baker, 19th in M6 event with time of 25.11.6.

Chris Puchner, 21st in M7 event at 29:48.8

Owen Hanley, 18th in M9 event at 30:35.3.

All three of these skiers are key members of the Sonot Kkaazoot organizing group.

Sharon Baker, long time Sonot Kkaazoot volunteer, was 6th in her F6 event with a time of 28.38.4. Sharon described the bottoms of her skis after the event as looking like “a long, wet, twisted blob of tissue!!”

Hang tough! And major kudos for your great skis.

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