Report from World Masters in Norway

Wonder why the Sonot Kkaazoot race director hasn’t updated his reports from the Chena River? He’s in Norway skiing at World Masters. Here’s his report submitted this morning:

Thanks to all you busy people as I relax over here in Norway.  The racing and events are great.  Beitostolen is a great place to go for a ski vacation.  The weather was great for yesterday’s classic and free style races.  Cool, clear and fast, around 22 degrees and sunny.   

Bruce Jamieson (NSCF vice-president) was in a massive pile-up at start of 15 km freestyle race (see far right of photo)


After being buried in the bottom of the tangle, Bruce ended up on bottom with a broken pole and bumps and bruises. 


BUT, got a pole later on down the trail and finished the race! 


SCUM truly do rise from the bottom.


Bad Bob, Sonot Race Director at World Masters, supplied all photos in this post

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