Plan for Sonot Kkaazoot if Chena River is unsafe (updated 3-20-19)

The 32nd annual Denali State Bank Sonot Kkaazoot will take place on 23 March 2019 but will take place all at Birch Hill Recreation Area with mass start at 11:00 a.m.

All course distances have been shortened to compensate for the loss of the flat terrain that the river provides. 

From Bad Bob, here are the courses: 

The  50  and 40 km races will become one race competed over a 30  km distance. Starting at 11:00 am in the Birch Hill Stadium, skiers go up the West Ramp, then taking a sharp right hand downhill turn onto the end of the Competition loop, and then a sharp downhill left hand turn staying on the Competition loop and heading down onto the North 40.. From this point, the long race will follow the normal Sonot course until it reaches the Sunnyside loop, off the the Outhouse loop.  It will follow the Sunnyside down to the top of Cliffside, and then head left, back up the Sunnyside, and back around, returning to the Outhouse loop.  Racers will take a right back onto Outhouse loop and finish that, then take a hard right onto the Relay Start loop, and continue on it back to the RAMP. Next, racers will head down the Ramp to the bottom and turn right up onto the East Ramp, following it up right into the Tower Loop, around the whole Tower Loop, then onto the Roller Coasters, back to the Stadium, then hard right down onto the White Bear Access, and onto the White Bear.

Skiers will ski the entire White Bear, then turn right into Moilanen Meadows, then finally, turn right, back onto the White Bear and finish up with the White Bear Access into the Stadium, and lastly doing the whole Warm-Up Loop and into the FINISH!!   It’s a very tough, hilly 30 km course, and with the addition of the SUNNYSIDE LOOP, I think racers will enjoy the  course!


Map artwork by Bad Bob Baker who will be at early bib pick-up to explain courses

Because 40 km racers will be skiing the same course as the 50 km skiers, they are eligible for woodels this year.

The 20 km race,course is 9.5 km The distance is much shorter, due to the non-flatness of the course.  Racers will also start at 11:00 am in the middle of the Stadium at Birch Hill, right along side the 50 & 40 km racers.   The  9.5  kilometer course will start straight up the main RAMP and out and around the Relay Start Loop, then a slight right hand turn onto the Roller Coaster By-Pass, and back to the Stadium.  Next, you’ll take a hard right hand turn, down onto the White Bear Access, and onto the White Bear Loop.   You’ll follow the White Bear all the way out to the CORONARY  BY-PASS  Turnaround, which will be just beyond the 5- kilometer point,  then head all the way back to the Stadium at Birch Hill, via  the White Bear and White Bear Access loops.  Once you get to the Stadium, racers will turn hard to the right in the Stadium and ski back behind and around the Main Chalet Building, skiing under the overpass/bridge of the Chalet Building and straight into the FINISH. You will not ski Moilanen Meadows or the Warm-up Loops.


Green highlighted trails are the 9.5 km course. Artwork by Bob Baker.

BUT…. of course, we tried to hold the Sonot Kkaazoot on the traditional start downtown on the Chena River.skiing.  (We really tried, but it’s just not safe this year!)

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