Sonot Kkaazoot will be all at Birch Hill

From Bad Bob Baker, Sonot Kkaazoot race director:

The 32nd Running of the SONOT  KKAAZOOT, to be held this Saturday, March 23, 2019, will completely take place at BIRCH  HILL

Below are 4 pictures i took this morning (Tuesday) of the Chena River.  It was very overcast and 29 degrees at 10:00 am, by noon it was right at 32 and rising. We are predicted to receive temps near 50 for the next 2 days. Although the river was stable this morning with the lower temps, I have no doubt that conditions will only get worse, skiing wise.  I drilled all around the first kilometer, up to the Steese Hwy Bridge and found several spots as thin as 3 inches right in the middle of our course. This is too thin, especially when water was flowing on each side of these thin spots.  Another problem is the amount of ICE along the River. This would make it nearly impossible to set down a decent set of TRACKS, which tells participants where the safe boundaries are, while on the Chena River. With the forecast for temps in the high 40’s and overnight lows in the mid 20’s, I can make the official call now!  0319191132asm0319191148sm0319191158sm


All photos taken by Bad Bob Baker on 3/19/19

The 32nd Denali State Bank SONOT  KKAAZOOT, to be held this Saturday, March 23, 2019, will completely take place at BIRCH  HILL. Start and Finish will be in the main stadium, and all races will start at 11:00am this Saturday.

The early bib pick-up and late registration will still take place this Thursday, March 21 at the DOYON  building  from 5:00pm – 7:00pm.

Final bib pick-up and registration will occur at BIRCH  HILL on race morning from 8:30am-10:30am.  It’s best to attend the early bib pick-up at DOYON on Thursday.

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