First entry for the Virtual Sonot Kkaazoot

From Sonot Kkaazoot race director, Bad Bob Baker:

Bad Bob after virtual Sonot 20 km sm

Bad Bob and Sharon Baker, started and completed the 2020 SONOT  KKAAZOOT!! 

Sharon smiling after virtual Sonot 20 km
At 38 degrees, short sections of slush, dog poo, headwinds, and sucky slow snow, we started and completed the 20 kilometer 2020 Virtual  Sonot Kkaazoot.  At a tourist’s pace, taking pictures, talking the whole way, we managed an impressive  time of  1:38:27
Bakers virtual 20 km time
……Could be the first time entered, which would put Sharon and me in FIRST  PLACE so far..  We did see some other ski tracks, but none of them went the whole way.  The trail is actually in pretty good shape, and the classical track looks pretty good…
There are a few soft snow spots, but the RIVER feels very safe and skiable right now….I wouldn’t wait….lots of signs of break-up around the corner..
Sharon Baker virtual 20 kmCurrent leaders of virtual 20 km

We are thinking about taking on the 50 k this Saturday. I will groom very early, and only if it’s at least 25 degrees or colder…this heat is not grooming up too well…  I’ll keep everyone posted…

Bad Bob

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