Laura and Sven Grage ski virtual 40 and 50 km Sonot, respectively

Laura writes:

Laura's_Sonot copy

Above is Laura’s Sonot. I did the 40 (25 miles). Route was relay start, White Bear, MMs, Warm Up, North 40, little gatorade break, Full House to Sunny Side, all the way down through 6 inches of crusted powder, then very slowly up the powder on the Connector, White Bear again, little gatorade break, Blue, Half House, Tower, Roller Coaster with Medivac, Warm Up, then a few laps in the stadium to wrap it up.
Sven's_Sonot copy
Above is Sven’s course. He skied with me and then added on 10 km more to get his 50 done. He went out the White Bear after we split up and returned at Coronary Bypass, added the MMs again, Tower, then half of the Warm Up.
It was a great ski, much cooler today, but the snow was still warm and fast. It was pretty windy and gusty, so we could not have worn less clothes, but it sure was nice to not be dripping with sweat. Trails were great. We were going for nice, long ski pace.
We are thinking we might go for another Sonot next weekend. Perhaps the cooler temps later this week *could* favor a traditional Sonot 50 route with the river firming up???
Take care and thank you for organizing this; it was a great way to feel the nordic community, but stay “socially distant”,

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