Jon Denton skis virtual 30 km Sonot

He writes:

I was able to get out on Saturday and ski about 30 K in 2 hours and 51 minutes.  I was able to ski white bear and the meadows in the time I normally ski just white bear.  I then dropped into warm up, then the blacks, back around the stadium for a snack and drink. I got my second wind up east ramp into blue, then outhouse and made the turn into sunny side, finished relay and made my way back to my snack stash, climbed tower and med evac’ed out.

Trail highlights:

  1. Seeing folks out skiing with smiles in the sun.
  2. The stretch between hilltop cutoff and the bottom of white bear was crispy corduroy, I was able to keep good balance free skating and V2.
  3. The s curves into black hole were super fun.  My skis sounded like a rocket ship chattering around the corners.  Plus I did not wipe out this year.
  4. Powder turns down sunnyside!

With all the terrible news, it was great to have amazing trails and the Virtual Sonot to look forward to.  Thank you everyone for keeping the Sonot Kkaazoot alive this season.

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