More remedial SCUM times for 10 km virtual Sonot

All the remedial SCUM were classical skiing.

From Mike Mathers:

“I went to the Sonot blog site and enjoyed the depiction of my fall as Bugs Bunny,  I left unaware how to post to it other than a reply to someone’s comments.  My time was 56 flat.” 

From Frank Soos:

“my time was 1:01.47

wayward scum”

From Jerome Jackson:

“Sorry. Did not time.  Finished about 25 secs behind Big Frank.”

No problem. So your time will be 1:02.12 based upon Frank’s result.

From Dan Johnson:

“I had to rush home and then here to the Carlson Center. Still here. My time was 60 minutes 45 seconds.”

Thank you, Dan for spending your Wednesday giving Fairbanks residents their COVID-19 vaccine.

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