Husby scorches Virtual 30 km Sonot Kkaazoot classically

Taking advantage of the afternoon sunshine and warmth together with the newly set tracks on White Bear, Bill Husby moves into the lead on the 30 km classical version of the Denali State Bank Virtual Sonot Kkaazoot.

The powerline poser in black

Bill writes:

“Started down the White Bear Access with plans to complete my 3rd leg of a three day 30 Sonot. The White Bear/MM were perfect (thanks to Tom). As I was completing the Warm Up I decided to continue on and ski the entire 30K course. Today’s trail conditions were definitely faster than Thursday and Friday’s cold gritty snow. So, today’s 30K no rest, no water, no feed time was 2:41:38.

Oh yes, it was a perfect day for Skins with the adjustable bindings set at 0.

 See you tomorrow.”

Yes, the remedial SCUM will see Bill on Sunday as we complete our virtual Sonot Kkaazoot on the installment plan.

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