Bad Bob & Sharon skate virtual 30 km Sonot Kkaazoot

On Sunday, Bad Bob and Sharon Baker skate skied their virtual 30 km Denali State Bank Sonot Kkaazoot. Sharon finished in 2:11:48 and Bad Bob’s time was 2:21:43.

Bad Bob writes: “Sunday was a beautiful day to ski at Birch Hill.  Sharon and I skated our way around the 30 kilometer course under blue skies and 15 to 20 degree temps.  Most of the trail system was fairly freshly set with wonderful corduroy and smooth tracks! 

Unfortunately, both Sharon and I have not skated a whole lot, and before we even climbed out of the BLACK HOLE, our legs were screaming, NO!!!  It was at about this point in our virtual 30, that Sharon began to pull away…nothing physically I could do about it, but just keep skiing and hoping for a bodily comeback, which never happened. 

FINAL RESULTS for us were….Sharon 2:11:48, and for BAD BOB  2:21:43.  I measured 28.97 km for a distance, but hey, that’s what the course is, so no need to ski any farther, besides, I was not sure I could…very humbling.  Can’t wait for the 50K!”  

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