Langhorst skates 50 km virtual Sonot on Sunday

Luke Langhorst skate skied his virtual 50 km Denali State Bank Sonot Kkaazoot on Sunday in a time of 2:44.44. Luke is a 34 year Fairbanks skier, so becomes our first reported 50 km finisher under 65 years old, and our first one to complete the 50 km on skate skis!

Let’s see more younger skiers taking the 50 km virtual challenge.

Luke writes: “My Garmin had the course right about 29.5 mi, so a little shy of 50 k for the full course, according to my watch at least. I started right around 4:20. The temperature showed 22* and it felt hot early on before the sun went down a little and I was shaded in the trees, but the snow was skiing a bit slower than that in parts, especially in the lower spots on White Bear. It was a fun time and a great way to push on a Sunday evening.” 

Although this screen says classic skiing, Luke wrote in two emails that he skate skied

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