Dr. Don skis virtual 30 km Sonot and makes discovery

Don Pendergrast and Cam Leonard classical skied the 30 km virtual Denali State Bank Sonot Kkaazoot yesterday in a time of 3:21:23.

Don writes: “Temperatures were 26-28 degrees, the tracks had just been set (Yippie), but the light snow made them slow.  Wax was Start Tar 5 and worked well.

We kept up a steady pace throughout the course, but a careful examination of the pace data revealed something that I’d expected for some time; the data support that I ski faster down hill than I do up hill.  I wonder if others have noticed this phenomenon?  I believe further studies with more participants are needed to verify this observation.”

Congratulation, Don and Cam! I think Don has come up with a suitable topic for his second Ph.D. dissertation. Get to work on it.

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