Trio of FXC parents ski 10 km virtual Sonot as a team

Dana Truffer Moudra (skate), Dorte Dissing (classic), and Ben Bragonier (classic) skied their virtual 10 km Denali State Bank Sonot Kkaazoot today in a “comfortable 57:43:10.”

Ben, Dorte, and Dana

Ben writes for the trio:

“These staunchly middle-aged FXC parents didn’t “charge” the course, although they did dig deep to fight for first place as they lunged in unison for a photo finish. (Officials are reviewing tape. However, these athletes and their coaches have agreed to a three-way tie.)

Swix V40 Blue Extra was the kick of choice and it’s hard to say what the glider of choice was as all skis haven’t been glide-waxed this season.”

Congratulations to Ben, Dana, and Dorte (in alphabetical order since you finished in a three-way tie)!

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