Bill Hibler, 78, finishes his 50 km virtual Sonot today

Bill Hibler meticulously documented the progress of his virtual 50 km Denali State Bank Sonot Kkaazoot that he completed in 8:40.

William D. Hibler III writes:

“Sonot Progress

On a cold day Friday (19 Mar) last day of winter I did the start loop (with some wrong turns) in ~25 minutes. Tried to finish 10K, but stalled out.

On Sat (20 Mar) much better skiing. Sunny and faster. But I got lost on the back 40 so went back to warming hut and did the blue trail, outhouse loop and relay loop.  Back to warming hut in 45 minutes.

On Sunday (21 Mar) I did the warm up loop and the North 40/corkscrew (2nd try) to the start of Black hole in 45 minutes. 

On Monday.  (22 Mar). Great ski conditions.  Did the black hole back to the warming hut area in 35 min.  Then did the Tower loop and Medevac in 30 minutes. One fall on Medevac going up from an ice block catching a tip. 

Tuesday. Good day.  Cool but new snow. Late Start.  Did Big Bear, Moilanen Meadows, access loop and warm up loop.  2 hrs 10 minutes:

Total 30 K time: 5 hrs 10 minutes.  

Wednesday: Did all of 20K to start of Big Bear Portion: 66 min.  Great snow.

Friday: Thought I had finished race until all the sign mismatch.  Call it 2 hrs 10 min for end of race starting at white bear access.  Need two more km!

Saturday: Went back and skied the warm up loop from the 46 km mark to end in 14 min.  

Yea: 50K:Total time: 8 hrs 40 minutes”

Thank you for your detailed report and for your generous donation to the trails fund.

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