Brophy and Carter ski modified 10+ km virtual Sonot

Margaret Brophy skated and Debbie Carter classical skied a “modified” 10 km virtual Denali State Bank Sonot Kkaazoot in 1:40:40.

Margaret writes: “This morning Debbie Carter and I started out on the 10K course with the firm plan to ‘see how it goes’.  Deb was on classic skis and I made the dubious decision to skate, my longest skate this season being less than 10K, I’m pretty sure. In any case, with South Tower behind us, we were feeling pretty cocky. So upon arrival at the Coronary Bypass we decided to extend our ski by completing all of White Bear. It appeared we were the first skiers to descend the hill, although some unrecognized spandex clad racer did pass us before we reached the bottom (21F there, yes, we took the time to look). As mentioned by numerous skiers, the grooming was impeccable and it was a perfect Sonot day.  My final distance was 13+K, some of which represents skiing back to my classic buddy on occasion.”

Margaret and Deb are overachievers who probably should have been skiing the 30 km course. 

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