Buetow and Schmoker skate ski 30 km virtual Sonot Saturday

Eric Buetow and Mike Schmoker skate skied their virtual 30 km Denali State Bank Sonot Kkaazoot in 2:53.

Eric writes: “Eric Buetow and Mike Schmoker skated their 30K March 27, enjoying the fabulous trail conditions and perfect temperatures. Their time was 2:53, which included a brief visit with a young bull coming out of Black Hole, doing East Ramp (not following directions very well), appropriate stops to reflect on the beautiful day, and occasionally providing supervision to 30K classic skiers Jackson and Hemming.”

I’m glad to see that some SCUM are overachievers by not following directions. Congratulations to Eric and Mike. I’m sure JJ and Carl appreciated your supervision.

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