Dan Johnson skates 30 km virtual Sonot

Saturday morning, Dan Johnson skate skied his 30 km virtual Denal State Bank Sonot Kkaazoot in an official time of 2:43:38.

Dan writes:

“What a beautiful day to ski the “30 km” Sonot Kkaazoot! Perfect weather and beautiful grooming.  

My Strava said my moving time was 2:40:42, and only 28.54 km I’m almost certain I didn’t take any shortcuts, but I’ll trust the Race Director to decide if this is an official time. 

I’m not sure exactly how and when it stops timing when I stop, but I stopped a couple of times to take a drink and catch my breath. I also used the stop watch on my phone – It gives 2:43:38, so that’s what I’ll call it.

Not to brag, but in addition to several 2nd and 3rd bests, Strava says I set PRs on:
North 40 A Climb, Blue Loop, Tower Loop, Medevac, White Bear from Suicide Cutoff, White Bear Hilltop B Climb, “Saddle”, Terminator.

I have no idea which segments some of these are. I also wasn’t aware that Strava knew so much about me and the details of the Birch Hill loops!  I’m afraid of what else my phone knows about me.

Thanks to to groomers for making this such a great ski.”

I agree that trail conditions today (Saturday) were awesome. We’ll let your phone brag for you since your son-in-law will still make you work to keep up with him and Mara on the trails.

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