Cathy Donaldson skates virtual 30 km Sonot

Cathy Donaldson skate skied her virtual Denali State Bank Sonot Kkaazoot yesterday in 2:49:25.

Cathy writes: “It was nice and warm but the snow was suction-y and almost caused me to face plant once or twice in the blacks. Glad I have a little bit of structure in my skis or it would have been a bit worse! Didn’t have the full details of the course in my memory before leaving, so I ended up skiing a little extra. Coming out of Relay, I didn’t know whether to go down the ramp and up east ramp to the Tower. I did it just in case:) So my distance is a little closer to an actual 30 km.”

Cathy was an overachiever because she definitely didn’t want to shortcut the course. Actually, Cathy’s longterm memory was spot on because the last time we skied the regular Sonot Kkaazoot course we did the ramp and East Ramp before doing the Tower Loop.

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