Dr. Don’s 10 km skate ski & excuses

Don Pendergrast, who was Sonot Kkaazoot organizer for a number of years, skate skied the 10 km virtual Denali State Bank Sonot Kkaazoot today. Don’s official time was 54:00 after subtracting time spent chatting with friends after starting his watch, but before he started skiing.

As a former Sonot Kkaazoot organizer, Don is entitled to excuses, which he shares below:

“Upon reading the glowing reports from Saturday, I figured I’d skate, and picked out two sets of skis waxed for warm and warmer conditions.  I did not check the temperatures. Don’t trust antidotal evidence, check the facts.  Major error.

In the same vein, I dressed for warm spring skiing. When I arrived the temperature was 10 F. Plus there was new slow snow on the ground.  

The combination of cold snow, improperly waxed skis, and new sharp snow, made for a slow, not much fun ski.  

At nearly 75 I don’t expect to ski fast, but I could ski smart.  Not today.

After those excuses, I do want to say a BIG THANKS, to Bob the Bad, Mother SCUM, the fabulous groomers, and all my skiing cronies. I have managed to ski a total of 50K this week, 10K classic, 30K classic, and today 10K skating. In spite of today’s whining it’s all been good.”  

Within a couple of hours, Sonot Kkaazoot organizers and skiers over 70 years old always forget why they swore that they’d never do this race again. So, they continue to volunteer for this event and ski in it because the Denali State Bank Sonot Kkaazoot is part of our spring ritual in Faribanks. During the COVID-19 pandemic, being able to participate in the virtual Sonot Kkaazoot and safely socialize with other skiers has been an awesome piece of normality in these uncertain times.

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