Hannon skis virtual 30 km after three tries

Robert Hannon, a local journalist and radio broadcaster, is somewhat geographically challenged so it took 3 tries to finish the 30 km virtual Denali State Bank Sonot Kkaazoot in 3:21. In between the start of his virtual 30 km and his finish, he probably skied another 30 km. His virtual 30 km Sonot Kkaazoot was done on his classical skin skis.

Robert explains in his Sunday email: “Here is the hopefully last leg. Just over ten minutes, plus the 1:10 from yesterday and the 2:01 from last week make it something like 3:21 for 30 K.”

On Saturday at 12:14 p.m., Robert wrote: “Well, the attached image tells the tale. My watch paused seven minutes in. But you can see the start time and end. My route was as we discussed: the blacks, blue, relay and all the warm up.”

On Saturday at 2:05 p.m., he wrote: “Yikes. Spaced out the South Tower RC Bypass, but I did do all of the Warm-up. Oh well. If I make it tomorrow.”

 On Sunday, March 21, Robert skied the 20 km Sonot Kkaazoot loop with the SCUM, and wrote: “My watch is wacky. My time was 2:01:07”

Congratulations, Robert! Your persistence paid off and you’ve finished the 10 and 30 km classical Sonot Kkaazoot courses.

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