Mead observes wildlife during virtual 10 km Sonot

Mossy Mead writes “NSCF LOL Monday Night Group member, Mossy Mead, kick and glided around the 10 K Denali State Bank Sonot Kkaazoot course this Sunday morning 3/28/21. Time: 2:03 – a possible qualifier for the red lantern award. Fresh fox tracks were followed around most of the White Bear part of the course. Near Beacon cutoff the fox left signs that it had made a dive for a fresh vole snack.

Fox snack hole on White Bear–photo by Mossy Mead

I declined the suggestion and stuck with the raisins-walnuts-chocolate chips I had in my pack. This ski is dedicated to Barb Powell who died this Equinox of cancer. She was the best buddy for hiking and skiing outings.”

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