Pat Lovely skis 10 & 30 km virtual courses

Pat Lovely skate skied the virtual 10 and 30 km Denali State Bank Sonot Kkaazoot courses in times of 37:07 and 2:01:52, respectively.

Pat writes: “The ski last Sunday (March 21) was sunny and uneventful a beautiful afternoon and lots of people out.”

For the 30 km ski, he writes: “The Tuesday ski I started late afternoon and I had a few missed trails and wrong turns. I went the wrong way on Black Baron and had to ski back up which added some extra and then when I finished I realized I had missed Medivac and Rollercoaster so I had to go back and pick those trails up and add 3 min 23 secs to my 30 km time for 2:01:52.”

Congratulations, Pat. Even with your wrong turns and extra kilometers skied, your 30 km time is currently the second fastest recorded.

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