Tyson and Davya Flaharty ski 30 km Sonot

Tyson Flaharty skate skied the 30 km virtual Denali State Bank Sonot Kkaazoot Friday in 1:50:34 with an extra Roller Coaster skied for good measure. Davya skied her virtual 30 km in 2:05:33.

Here is Tyson’s course and statistics:

Tyson writes: “We had fun in the fresh snow this morning!  I did the 30k course plus accidentally skiing all of roller coaster on the start lap.  But that got me a little closer to 30k. We had a little blizzard near the end. Otherwise it was a perfect day.”  

And here are Davya’s data (she knew the proper course):

Tyson after his virtual 30 km
Davya crushing it.(in orange like her dad)

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