Bob & Sharon Baker complete 90 km Sonot Kkaazoot hat trick

Race organizer, Bad Bob Baker and Sharon Baker completed their virtual 50 km Denali State Bank Sonot Kkaazoot on Sunday. Bad Bob’s time was 3:41:27 and Sharon’s time was 3:39:10. By successfully skate skiing the 50 km Sonot Kkaazoot, the Bakers became the first skiers to skate ski the 90 km Sonot Kkaazoot hat trick. The other mere mortals had to classical ski some of their virtual Sonot Kkaazoot courses.

Here’s documentation of Bad Bob’s 50 km time:

Bad Bob writes:

“Sharon and Bad Bob Baker both completed all three Sonot Kkaazoot courses….We finally completed the 50 k Sonot course on Sunday. We hoped to do it all Saturday, but instead slept in a little too long and were only able to get 36 kilometers in on Saturday before having to head over to a Grand Daughter’s birthday sledding party. We returned on Sunday and finished it up along with many others taking advantage of the final SONOT KKAAZOOT ski day. Sharon’s time 3:39:10, while Bad BOB wandered in with a time of 3:41:27. Wonderful skiing on the final day, and it was so nice to see so many out skiing.”

Bod Bob, race organizer and Mark Ross, poster artist hold 2021 Sonot Kkaazoot poster
photo by Norma Haubenstock

Bob continues:

“Many came into the warm up hut to pick up there SONOT  POSTERS! We are asking for a $50.00 trail donation for this limited numbered and signed Sonot Kkaazoot print of a GOSHAWK making off with someone’s SONOT hat…The poster was designed and drawn by artist and local bird guy, Mark Ross.

The idea was thought up after Susan Sugai experienced a goshawk swooping down over her head while skiing Moilanen’s Meadow, just a week ago.  Susan thought the bird of prey was intrigued by her Sonot Hat’s tassel.”

You can view the full picture of the print here:

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