Toth skis his virtual 50 km Sonot in under 7 hours

Bob Toth finished his virtual 50 km Denali State Bank Sonot Kkaazoot on 6:59:42. Bob commented that he was “skiing with skate gear doing my unique and possibly inimitable Free (of anything approaching) Style ‘technique.” 

Bob writes:

“First off thanks to all who put the whole Birch Hill ski season together. My time should cinch 50k red lantern but believe it or not, I am absolutely tickled with it.

Wednesday, when I hit the trail at 5:49 pm I wasn’t sure if I would do the 10, 30 or 50k.. After the Start Loop, I bypassed the White Bear Access and hit the Warmup, first decision made. As I ‘cruised’  the Blacks, big flakes made it deeper but kept things slippery, that is when I started thinking I could do a 2 or 3 stage 50k. It was getting pretty dim by the time I finished the Medivac so I decided to bypass the White Bear segments and closed the evening by taking the Warmup Loop to the timer’s building.

After only one day’s rest (I usually take two) I completed the White Bear sections of the 30k, then skied across the stadium and up the ramp to begin the final 20 of the 50, finishing stage two with the Medivac at about dark. Sunday evening it was top of White Bear Access to the finish, crossing the line at 8:31pm.

Total elapsed time start to finish:

4 days 2 hours and 42 minutes


trail time for the 50k. Whew kept it under 7 hours,-)”

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