SCUM ski new tracks on Black Loops

The Black Loops retained significant snow pack from the early season snowfalls. So when the groomers set tracks on Wednesday and Thursday, they didn’t punch through to leaves in very many places. Thus, firm, glistening white tracks awaited us today. Temperatures in the stadium varied from -10 to -12 deg F over the course of our workout.

Here are four SCUM on the N40 loop:

Bernardo, Byron, Robert, and Bill on the N40 hump

In order to savor all the Black loop tracks, the SCUM first skied the Black Hole loops via Black Baron. It was likely close to -19 deg F at the bottom of the Black Abyss. The tracks were fast so the wind chill was significant.

However, we didn’t want to miss out on skiing down into the Black Hole over the old luge run. Nothing like doing the Black Cross on your second outing on skis, but that why Bernardo is a SCUM. Here’s an edited version of Robert’s and Bernardo’s descent of the bottom portion of the Black Cross hill:

Black Cross descent by Robert & Bernardo, editing by Mr. Husby, former Lathrop High School IT instructor

Here are the SCUM again on the Flat Black section after having done the Black Hole loops first via Black Baron and the second time via Black Cross and returning uphill via the Black Funk. The skiers on skin skis were noticeably slower on the downhills, but weren’t quite as maneuverable on the corners as those of us on “old style” classical skis.

SCUM after doing Black Baron and Black Cross: the snowy one rolled in the snow to cool off

By the time I reached my car, I looked like a reverse pumpkin. However, now we have done all the black loops (and variations) this season.

Selfie in the parking lot after Friday morning ski

I think there are now enough trails with set tracks for the SCUM to safely resume their Sunday group workouts.

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