Lovely new snow brings out the merry SCUM

New snow and temperatures over 30 deg warmer than they’ve been brought out the merry SCUM on Friday led by a dapper Santa:

Dashing Santa was the only one who could see on the downhills with his goggles–photo by Joanna Fox

Here was the gang on the Tower loop:

New retiree, Mike Mathers with arms raised, joins the SCUM–photo by Joanna Fox

After Medevac, Dermot was planning on leading us down the Black Baron. However, upon seeing newly set tracks, Santa decided that we’d do the Relay and Tower loops again. The tracks were so fast that one of the younger SCUM was chomping on the tails of Mom, who fell and ended up making a snow angel that destroyed a section of tracks:

Unintentional snow angel with instigator’s ski under victim–photo by Dan Johnson

Everyone agreed that all the new snow made the trails seem magical. It looks like even more snow is headed our way. Hooray for the grooming team. Make sure you’ve made your trail donation.

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