Sunday without Poles

Sunday at SCUM corner without Bill–-photo by Joanna Fox

Sunday was a noteworthy SCUM ski. We had probably 4 inches of new snow that had been newly groomed and tracked. Temperatures were a balmy 8 deg F above zero. But our injured Creme de la SCUM leader, Bill Husby (aka Poles) was not skiing back and forth at the head of the pack. With his cracked lower rib and nondisplaced fracture of the right ulna, Poles will likely be Pole (singular) when he rejoins us. However, a half-strength Bill Husby will still ski faster and further than the rest of the SCUM.

PLEASE support Bill’s recovery by donating to the trails fund:

I’m willing to wager that Bill will be back on his skis and snowmachine sooner if he knows that his work is needed and appreciated.

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