SCUM and others ski the Virtual Skiathon

(Scroll down to results that we uploaded on 3/11/22)

A large group of SCUM and friends headed out on their Virtual Skiathon today at 10 a.m.

All photos (except where noted otherwise) were taken by Eric Troyer, who warmed up for the Virtual Skiathon by skiing the 26 mile Chena River to Ridge Endurance Race on Saturday. Corrine Leistikow also skied the 26 mile Chena River to Ridge Race.

Virtual Skiathon group at 10 a.m. — photo taken by a wise skier who did not want to be associated with the SCUM

Although “the graveyard” (aka Miller Hill) section of the Skarland Trail hadn’t been groomed, most of the SCUM and others managed to negotiate the ungroomed sections, but none as skillfully as Sam Bishop.

Sam Bishop (on right) stands upright on his skis like he did even on the ungroomed sections of the Skarland Trail
SCUM returning to the official start line of the Skiathon to regroup (a typical SCUM move)

Because this blogger was the course sweep, I am unable to provide captions for the Skiathon photographs so I’ve invented something to cover the Olympus digital camera advertisement that accompanied Eric’s photos.

Skiers pause briefly so Eric can take a photograph
Greg Kahoe skis without groomed tracks
Byron Broda relaxing on Vitual Skiathon Tour —photo by Bill Husby
Corrine Leistikow skis down the Skarland Trail
Don Pendergrast upright before rest stop —photo by Dan Johnson
Don’s reverse squat after rest break—photo by Dan Johnson
Happy Virtual Skiathon finishers
Joanna greets Mike Schmoker as he slows down to finish his virtual Skiathon
Early SCUM finishers celebrate with beer—photo by Dan Johnson

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