Gang of nine ski walk Ester Dome

Eight ski walkers on Ester Dome (Jill is not shown because our photographer, Joanna Fox had to rush back to work)

With blue skies and cooler temperatures, 9 SCUM (and friends) showed up to ski walk up Ester Dome yesterday. One month past the summer solstice, we can feel the approaching ski season. Some of us have been training through the unhealthy smoke, but I felt it wasn’t good to encourage others to follow our example:

Dan and Bill halfway through their 4 FWW ascents for the 4th of July

However, some of us had to be out in the smoke, regardless, and we had company:

Moose don’t need ski poles

Just 8 months to train for the 36th Denali State Bank Sonot Kkaazoot. I’m determined to have at least one SCUM finish the 50 km event in 2023.

I think Tim Woster is our best prospect because he’s been doing both weekly SCUM workouts and Christina Turman’s FXC Masters interval workouts this summer. Also, Tim has wisely chosen not to carry rocks up the FWW alpine hill.

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