Note to skiers on changing Sonot Kkaazoot race distance

From Bob Baker, RACE  DIRECTOR, here are the rules.    

All participants will only be allowed to participate in the race that they are registered in.  If a participant decides to change their race distance, they must check in at the bib pickup and make the change before 9:30am.  They will be reassigned a new bib for their chosen race distance.  They should not wait till the last minute.  Once race day bib pickup is complete, participants will only be timed based on their final race selection before the start of the race. 

SO, for example:  a 30 km participant decides they are feeling great and continues on to finish the 50 km, they would be disqualified, same thing if a 50 km participant decides that they have had enough and finishes at the 30 km point, they would also be disqualified.      

SIMPLE  RULES……Participate in only the race you are officially signed up for….  PLEASE…  this is a great and FUN event, there is no need to confuse everyone involved.    PARTICIPATE   IN  ONLY WHAT  YOU  HAVE   REGISTERED   FOR…..  

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