Summer SCUM training on FWW alpine hill begins

This spring, we skied on Friday, 5 May 2023 at Birch Hill on groomed corduroy and three weeks later, we ski walked up the Fort Wainwright alpine hill, which some of us felt was steeper this year due to isostatic rebound. FXC Masters workouts start next week, but the SCUM are older and slower so need to start sooner. We’ve been ski walking up Ester Dome for three weeks. This week the Birch Hill trails had dried out enough to resume ski walking up the Fort Wainwright alpine hill.

We welcome anyone to join us. For our Wednesday Ester Dome workouts, we meet at 10 a.m. at the Ester Dome Road bike trails parking lot. For the Friday FWW alpine hill workouts, we meet at Birch Hill at 10 a.m. The full Ester Dome route is 10 km with about 455 m of ascent and descent. Today’s workout involved only 2 repeats of the FWW hill in preparation for 4 repeats by the 4th of July. Depending upon how one attacks the hill, the ascent is 155 to 160 m in 0.84 km, so roughly a 19% grade. If you cannot train every day, these workouts will yield large benefits for a short investment of time. Bill Husby suggests that if one of the SCUM misses a workout, he must bring beer for the rest of the group in order to be reinstated.

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