About the Sonot organizers

For the past 17 years, the SCUM (Susan’s class of uncoachable men) have treated the Sonot Kkaazoot as their “final exam” and reason to ski (regardless of temperature) on Sundays from October to April. When the group first formed, as means for Susan to teach her physical therapist at the time enough about skate skiing so he could rehabilitate her injured shoulder, most of the SCUM were in 40 and over age category. Now the largest cohort are in the 60 and over age category.

After last year’s 25th annual Sonot Kkaazoot, Bad Bob Baker turned over the event organizing to the SCUM. It takes a whole lot of SCUM to replace the Baker family and the Bakers are still very much involved in the event. We thank them for everything they do.

About Sonot Kkaazootphoto by Daniel Baker Photography


Photos of SCUM enjoying the sunshine and fast snow in the 2011 Sonot Kkaazoot (left to right from top to bottom)

Bill (Poles) Husby, groomer and doublepoler extraordinare; Professor Emeritus Frank Soos (also a classic specialist); Bob Moloney (watch out for him on the downhills and flat areas); Dan Johnson (transforms himself to a medic in a moment), NSCF Prez Pat Reinhard (SCUM on snow but even faster on wheels), Bernardo Hernandez (skier-triathlete), and Tobben Spurkland (Nordic dynasty builder and statewide race volunteer) 


IMG_3958IMG_3996IMG_3905IMG_3694IMG_3571(Photos by Karl Kowalski)

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