Training ideas for novice Sonot Kkaazoot participants

For the first time Sonot Kkaazoot participant in Fairbanks, there are classes and training groups to assist you. Kristen Bartecchi Rozell instructs a Sonot preparation class as part of the Nordic Ski Club of Fairbanks spring series of adult lessons ( Chris Broda ( meets twice weekly with the Ladies of Leisure (LOL) group, and Susan’s Class of Uncoachable Men (SCUM) meets on Sunday mornings (

If the weather is too cold, too snowy, too warm, or whatever, there are alternative means of training that will assist your Sonot Kkaazoot performances (and how you feel the day after). Susan Faulkner ( is instructing Pilates courses at North Star Ballet, and Denise Jerome teaches core strength as part of the UAF Student Recreation Center group fitness classes ( that will strengthen your critical core muscles. Several SCUM ( have become devoted advocates of the Elite Urban Bootcamp sessions ( for cross training when skiers are time-limited but need to keep up their strength and endurance efforts. Erica Caroll teaches yoga for cross training and stretching out all those tight muscles from skiing at Infinite Yoga of Alaska (

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