Bad Bob’s Sonot Kkaazoot legacy

Wonder why Bad Bob Baker’s name included in just about every post on this Sonot blog?

The Sonot Kkaazoot is like Bad Bob’s 4th child. Where a trail didn’t exist, Bad Bob helped make one.

When all the chainsaws surrendered, Bad Bob attacked the brush with hand tools.


The amazing man in orange inspired us all winter when Birch Hill trails were less utilized than they are in springtime (photo by Bill Husby).Poles-Chris & Bad Bob

For 25 years in March, Bad Bob would start the Sonot Kkaazoot (photo by Daniel Baker Photography):SONY DSCthen jump in himself (photo from Fairbanks Daily News-Miner).

H2FQ_S24Sonot07Also for 25 years, he has produced the woodels for the Sonot Kkaazoot age category winners.


Bad Bob is imitated

4 bad bobs

but cannot be replaced (photo courtesy of Dermot Cole).

We hope that Bad Bob is enjoying his retirement from the Sonot Kkaazoot this year, because this boomerang “child” may not have fully fledged.

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