Sonot Kkaazoot course update

The sub-zero temperatures that have descended upon Interior Alaska during darkness hours for over a week have kept river break-up at bay. As of yesterday, Fort Wainwright groomers had turned the Sonot Connector and “ditch” between the ski lodge and the Chena River into beautiful corduroy. The first 5-hour dragging effort on the river was conducted yesterday after the Unlimited North American Sled Dog Races were over, and though rough in places, the river will be safe and skiable by race day, barring a radical change in weather. Full details will be available at bib pick-up this Thursday, 21 March.

Ditch on Sunday after piston bully passphoto by Bill Husby of “ditch” between Fort Wainwright alpine area and Chena River after grooming by Fort Wainwright piston bully on Sunday (St. Patrick’s Day)

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