Tuesday Sonot course update

Your ski bottoms will not be scratched during the Sonot Kkaazoot while gliding over a barren stretch of ice and rocks under the Steese bridge thanks to Bill (Poles) Husby and his work party tonight. His report (with a couple of editorial comments):

“Seven SCUM with an average age of 63 and one red-headed Irishman shoveled snow under the Steese bridge this evening. It looked like someone had already dumped a few loads before our arrival. When you ski gracefully under the bridge thank Carl, Bob M, Eric, Terry, Frank, Andy, Donovan,myself and Dave B(the anonymous person(s)). Volunteer trail work this week totaled 16 person hours of snow hauling and 2 1/2 hours of brush cutting.

We’re scheduled to groom the river in the morning. I’ll send a message ASAP if more trail work is necessary.” (Update Wednesday: no further shoveling or brushing needed).

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