Race day report from Bad Bob

The course is all marked and set at Birch Hill…  Danny and I will set out markers on the River in the morning, and deliver the TIMING SHACK.   We plan to arrive on the River at 7:30am.   Tom, Russ and Ken plan to be to the start/finish area with the drags and track sled between 7:30 and 8:00 am.  Then we will follow them back up River marking,  and return before the race start.

Here is the 40 km course…same as 50 km thru the warm-up loop, then the 40 km goes straight up the MAIN RAMP and directly into the TOWER LOOP, where it meets back up with the 50 km   The 40km measures a hair over 40 kilometers, and the 50 km appears to be very very close to 50 kilometers.   Both courses follow the MEDIVAC loop.  Hopefully no one will be confused.

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