Anna Rix skis 20 km in steady falling snow

Here’s Anna’s report and route:

Here is my track from my 20.04 km in 1:34:14 at Birch Hill in the slow snow earlier today.

My route was North Forty (accidentally took the cut-off just past the house), White Bear Access, Blue Loop, Outhouse, Relay, Tower, Medevac, White Bear to the Sonot Cut-off, Moilanen’s Meadow, East Ramp, Relay, Tower, Rollercoaster Bypass, White Bear Access, and finished at the flag pole. I saw Stringfellows on North Forty, Norma and Susan on Moilanen’s and Presslors on East Ramp.

I might try again next weekend if conditions are better and tomorrow I will try to get out for a distance (classic ski) and try to hit all the trails.

Anna Rix 20 km route

Yes, Norma and I will verify that Anna passed us as if we skiing backwards. Anna was skating effortlessly in that slow, but lovely new snow.

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