Bill Husby skis 50 km virtual Sonot, just needs 40 km now

The subject line of Bill Husby’s email reporting his 50 km time read “Oh what fun”:

Husby 50 km

Today was a challenge as the snow kept falling. After first skiing the WB, MM followed by the Warm up it was a pleasure to get on the more recently groomed Blacks and Blues. Tom was still grooming the Tower so it was around the Outhouse a couple more times. When exiting the OH on the 3rd pass Chris and Owen just entering, so I joined them for yet another pass, staying 2 x the social distance protocol away. From there onto the relay, East Ramp, Tower and Medvac.

The second trip around the WB was cut short by skipping Heartrate Hill and MM. Nobody needs to suffer the Blacks twice in the same day, so it was back to the Blues with 3 more times around the joyful OH. Our remedial SCUM interval training the last few weeks made for a couple of enjoyable loops on the Tower. The fourth loop was cut short because the groomed, but not yet skied, Green Dot attracted my ATOMIC skis like a magnetic force. Finished the 50K out on the WB. Made some stops at the hut and along the trails for bathroom, equipment, water and food needs. And yes, I did a few social distance chat stops.

Bill becomes the second bilaterally bionic kneed skier to complete the virtual Sonot 50 km. SCUM does rise to the top.

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