Achieving peaceful rest during COVID-19 pandemic

While the Virtual Sonot Kkaazoot has seen amazing performances in the face of snow storms and gusty winds, the real goal of the Virtual Sonot Kkaazoot is to safely relieve some of the stress and anxiety that we’re all feeling during the COVID-19 pandemic. All levels of real athletes have had their dreamed goals snatched away from them; many of our friends are without paychecks; many students are facing virtual courses. Through social distancing, we can protect health care providers, first responders, and friends and family throughout the global community who are already facing medical challenges. We can increase our resistance to the virus by reducing personal anxieties while we exercise caution and our bodies. That’s what the virtual Sonot Kkaazoot is attempting to do.

Frank Soos has been in charge of Sonot Kkaazoot registration and bib distribution for nearly a decade. He’s a professor emeritus of English at UAF and primordial SCUM (meaning that he’s been part of the group for 25 years)!  As he’s done for decades, Frank has been prepping for the 50 km Sonot Kkaazoot, successfully skiing the 30 km Distance Race and 20 km Skiathon. Yesterday, he was disappointed that he only classical skied the Grand Tour (all the trails at Birch Hill that we normally ski during the traditional Sonot Kkaazoot or about 26 hilly km) during the snow storm we faced.

Here’s Frank’s report:

I regret to report that I only did the grand tour—so whatever that was.  My classic skis did well, but as the day wore on I got slower and so did the snow.  I had a little icing on the very last of the White Bear, but when it counted, Heart Rate Hill, the Black Loops, my wax worked well.  I was pretty wrung out by the time it was over, don’t think I could have managed another loop.

However, Frank and Nimbus found their peaceful rest:

Achieving peaceful rest

So if you can ski only 4 or 5 km, but can reduce stress and anxiety in the process, YOU HAVE SUCCESSFULLY SKIED THE VIRTUAL SONOT KKAAZOOT.

So get out and ski. Then send your reports to You encourage others by sharing your stories. I’m heading out again this morning and will submit my 2-day virtual Sonot report this afternoon.


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